The HW/SW Stack Hosting The External Blog Mirror Will Blow Your Mind

I apologize for not being able to resist the link-bait title. I’ll try to keep that to a minimum.

Sharing this much detail is likely a terrible move from a security-by-obscurity perspective, but the new “rig” I have set up for hosting the blog is too interesting to me to not detail.



… along with a myriad of other open source tools of lesser note.

It has been a breeze to setup so far (aside from the initial learning curve of dev stack comprised of pieces that I initially had no experience with), and seems to perform quite well.

In fact, I have made no effort to optimize any part of the project so far, but have the goal of implementing most every performance enhancement I can think of, from bundling and minification to async programming, and perhaps even some caching or memoization of some of the more frequently performed functions.

Additionally, I know the presentation of the site is in rough shape, but I have a to-do list a mile long which I am working on daily. I had to rush it out!

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